Meine Texte zum Nachhören und Nachlesen



Gemälde: Ein farbenfroher Regenbogen.Standing in the rain
Thinking about life and the drops
You feel coming from a rainbow
Far beyond your mind

You become aware of yourself
And your relationship to
A girl you actually
Do not really know

Time is running, drops are dripping
From your hair and make you
Unable to flee from your thoughts
Which only come out in the rain

The rainbow keeps you warm
And safe and there's no longer
Any reason for fleeing
From the drops of truth and wisdom

Foto: Die Sonne strahlt mit voller Kraft über Bäumen.The sounds of splashing drops
Give you a feeling of safety
Though they contain a kind
Of strangeness and mystery

Suddenly your wet hair glances
In the sunlight that fills you up
With a lot of self-confidence
And you get ready to deepen
Your love to the unknown girl