Meine Texte zum Nachhören und Nachlesen

Last letter (last lines)

Last letter (last lines)

Eternity is an endless chain of moments
endless moments of chains –
chains that I cannot lose
chains that hold me captive – forever
chains that consist of moments –
moments only
nothing else but...
moments after moments,
moments only – only.
When I am with you (then),
eternity seems to be gone.
Time runs through our wet palms –
when we hold hands – sweating.
But when I am without you,
eternity comes from no-where
and from all directions
at the same time.
I wish to be with you then.
Time kills our common hours.
It runs and runs.
I long for the moments of endlessness,
for being together forever,
for eternity –
in us, around us.
Why cannot life be,
as we wish it should be, why?
Why cannot time run,
as we want it to run?
No-one knows.

We only can lose our chains for moments,
but not forever.
We cannot find neverending moments here,
endless chains of moments,
moments that are full of happiness,
joy, tenderness, love.
These are moments,
where we can be ourselves,
we love and touch each other
in moments of eternity –
just moments.
But what we want is eternity.
There is only one way we see
to make our wishes come true.
We must leave the HERE.
We have to go into another life.
Hope to find what we long for.Foto: Eine Hand schreibt einige Zeilen in ein leeres Buch.
Don't look for us.
You won't find us.
When you will read these lines,
we will have been gone moments ago.
We hope to get the eternity we need,
to love each other forever,
not for some moments only.