Textkunst von Suta Wanji

Living in the shadows

Living in the shadows

You left me behind in darkness..

your beats burning on my skin..

isolated in my fears..

fragility of my mind..

I must face and deal with it.

Nights that last long..

while hands of strangers played with me..

I lost my feelings in the past..

torture on the stage of life..

waiting for the worst to come..

parts of me have become missing..

this adventure has not been for free..

your actions created results..

I suffer the consequences..

the magic of touchin´ the skin of a loved one..

cannot be felt..

instead off, I am surrounded by ice-walls..

the basement of hope..

bottled up inside..

covered by tears and hurt.

Trying to find a sleeping beauty in my eyes

I felt like a fault of creation..

I try to feel precious..

but loss can be hard to bear...

struggling for respect speaks with many tongues.

My innocence got cut..

my trust destroyed..

my soul locked up in fear and the darkness of hell.

Bad dreams at night and no time for sleep..

hard to breath as tears fall down unheard.. unseen..

I feel your heavy breath and cutting hands..

holding me down..

and want to slip into a staying dark.

Isolated and forgotten..

you killed me inside.

In bright times my core starts to fight for the privilege of life..

it never gives up the fight..

like a flash of candle light in my memories.

I remember every second..

and I am still scared to let people in..

I still struggle with touches..

I still struggle with love.

But I watch the horizon..

and I do feel the love of Great Mystery..

in times of need..

step by step.



suta wanji - 08 / 2010