Textkunst von Suta Wanji

When love disappears into silence...

When love disappears into silence...

You talked about work and money ...I talked about roses

just a single moment

hard to be felt

hard to be realized

or just got ignored

the doubt...and love dies slowly.

Years ago.. unspoken agreement

a bond of trust got formed

the most precious gift

to feel to be the one

never run out of things to say

never run out of our touches.

But the beauty died

sparkles of love turned into emptiness and cold

the sacred bond and the courage to love got lost

blaming ourselves for our wrong doings

hoping the other will turn into the one we once loved

we stopped talking to one another

left each other with an aching heart

slowly our love broke into pieces

hidden under sadness and darkness

you in your world

me in my world

you talked about work and money

I talked about roses

Memories got distorted.


suta wanji - 08 / 2010